Common Experiences Travelers Can Go through in India

ndia is a very crowded place with more than a billion inhabitants. This country is filled with curious people who would want to know your name, your work and the reason you’re still single. But the country takes pride of amazing food, inspiring landscape and staggering history although there is desperate poverty in this diverse country.

A lot of travelers who take a voyage Inde have the intention of finding answers about themselves and life in general, though the country tends to present more questions than answers. The best thing that travelers can do is to forget about figuring out the mystery of this country. Rather, they better adapt to the unfathomable and enjoy the experience of blending in an extraordinary culture. Here are some of the experiences that India travelers can have in the country.

Train Travel- A Rewarding Experience

In India, you are most likely to meet people with many questions and witness plenty of the country’s landscape particularly in the Sleeper class which allows you to feel the breeze at the doorway. But, this country is massive with railways not popular for their punctuality. If you have a ticket that says the train will leave by 9am, you better not always expect to catch a train at this hour. Trains in India can be many hours late so try to have something to keep you busy while waiting.

Self-Control is a Must in India

If you are a first-time visitor in India, you may find the country enduring and relentless. The noise, pollution and heat mixed with the lack of space for yourself can overwhelm you and make you feel like exploding. You must keep in mind that you are in the country as a guest and you need to adapt to its culture. At some point, you will be confused whether you will indulge beggars or touts; however, if you find yourself pissed and ready to burst, you can always get away from these all.


Crossing the Indian Streets

You will surely be amazed by the city street traffic in India. You can find all sorts of competition among livestock and vehicles racing to get the chance to travel in a straight line. Auto rickshaws, small motorcycle taxis with three wheels, are patrolling the byways and highways. Drivers of these unique vehicles tend to play a game. When a Western traveler is seen with a massive backpack, these drivers crazily try to run over the traveler. It is imperative for travelers to have a careful study of India’s traffic flow to avoid getting held in the middle of nowhere.

Enjoying the Best Times in Taj Majal

After you have fought for your freedom of the day in the busy streets and traffic, you should visit the famous Taj Mahal for a relief. A view of this monument will let you forget about feeling previously overwhelmed. The best times to have a view of this historical Indian site are during sunrise and sunset as white marbles will shadow or reflect the sun to create wonderful tints of orange or pink. You can also enjoy spectacular night time views a number of days every month regardless of the size of the moon.

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