Find the Top Popular Palaces in London City

Travelling to the right destination will make a memorable trip to the people. Choosing the suitable tourist location for a holiday is most enjoyable one to every tourist. London is one of the most preferable and fantastic destination for travelling. Most of the world class tourists would like to go London city to enjoy their vacation. London city has so many attractive places and historic places that are most popular landmarks of London. Many tourists will go to London to visit London city palaces that have the huge history about ancient London and its culture.The London city has the list of places such as Kensington Palace, Kew Palace, Windsor Castle Palace, Eltham Palace, St James’s Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Palace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace. Hampton Court Palace is the royal palace that is located in the southern region of the London city. It is exactly located in the London Borough of Richmond that is in the bank of Thames River. This beautiful Palace was built in 18th century by the British imperial family. On the next century, the King William III will expand the Palace. Now this Palace is one of the most attractive tourist place and popular landmark in London city.

Buckingham Palace is the most popular palace in London. It is actually the residence of the Queen Victoria in 1702. This palace will later on upgrade in the 1820. This palace has 660 rooms with the greater appearance. It was like a private house for the Queen Victoria. Now London government has changed it as the public tourist place to visit and enjoy the experience of this historic palace. Most of the tourists want to visit London city palaces like this Buckingham palace which has the huge history of elder generation people. Another enchanting tourist place and most popular palace is Eltham Palace. As compared to other Palaces in London city, this palace has highest ranking and highest amount of visitors from London and also from the other countries. This Palace is located in the south east region of London city and this is the most popular landmark of London.

This palace has plenty of furnishing and interior designs which are in the ancient culture. The tourists who want to visit London city palaces like this can know about the lifestyle of Kings and Queens with these furnishing and interior decorative designs. It shows that they were living royal life with royal range of the palace. Kensington Palace is another most popular palace in London, England. It is the royal residence of the English King in the 17th century. The royal family of this British king was used this palace as their personal residence. The palace structure is somewhat changed in the later years. Now it is standing in the most popular place of the London city as the popular London attractive place. This Palace is located near to the luxury hotels of London city. That is why the tourists can visit this palace that is near to their staying hotels. Most attractive London city palaces are always enhancing the city range with the valuable history.

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