How to Connect With Other Yacht Owners

Yachts seem to bring out the best in people.  After all, nothing seems more desirable than relaxing on the deck of an exquisite vessel with a cold, tropical drink in one hand and a good book in the other.  Other things that yacht owners find desirable include a dinner by moonlight set against the smooth waves from the ocean and the scent of salt air in the breeze. 

The Cruisers Yachts Owners Club Forum

The Cruisers Yachts Owners Club Forum allows you to become friends with others who own cruisers yachts.  There, you can talk about everything from your favorite spots to visit to your new interior design cabin idea.  You can also read articles, ideas and advice from owners and experts.  You can find information on how to winterize your yacht to customizing your vessel to breaking cruisers yachts news.  You can meet yacht owners from your own home state.

Yachting and Boating World Forums

This superyacht forum is very popular and interactive.  The main forum contains a forum for those who live on their yacht and the latest feedback comments.  The member’s forum lets you talk about services and prices of facilities on the sea including fuel prices and restaurant recommendations.  An entire section is dedicated to forum members announcing or organizing a yachting event.  And the buying and selling section lets you posts your yachting needs or browse through the selection of yachting owners selling their goods.

Yacht Forums

Yacht Forums was launched in 2003 by a former managing editor of a top yacht magazine.  Yacht Forums is the very first online yacht magazine.  It is ranked one of the most forums dealing with yachting. Its members include industry veterans, famous yacht owners as well as yacht buyers who all gather to share their knowledge.  The general section discusses popular jokes and boat show events. Find the yacht for your dreams for sale in the yachts for sale area.  The yachts club spot covers things likes the history of certain yacht models to the problems of fiberglass hulls.

Cruisers Forum

This is the place to be when it comes to meeting other yacht owners.  With hundreds online at the same time, you are bound to connect with friends who are yacht owners or make new friends.  The fleet section discusses a wide array of different models of vessels.  There is an entire section devoted to life aboard a yacht.  You can learn everything from recreation to food and drink to rules of the road to the latest safety equipment.  Another section is devoted entirely to cruising with pets to cruising with children.

Connecting with other yacht owners also allows you to discuss everything dealing with yachts with people just like you.  As a yacht enthusiast, you understand the love of the ocean and the friend of the sea.  You understand the peacefulness and privacy you get with being out on the vessel.  There is nothing more exciting in your travels to connect with other yacht lovers.