How to Avoid STDs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are illnesses passed between persons exclusively through sexual intercourse. These illnesses can be passed through any kind of sexual intercourse, and between homosexual and heterosexual partners. No individual has proven to be resistant to STDs. There are several known STDs, some of the more common ones are herpes, genital warts and gonorrhoea. Since most STDs cannot be treated, and in fact and some even considered dangerous to a person’s health, measures have been taken to assist  sexually active people in avoiding STDs from spreading and to protect themselves from contracting one. It is not hard to avoid STDs, and only takes some knowledge and minor interventions to be safe. Below are some ways on how you can avoid catching STDs.

Know your sexual partners 

One of the simplest ways of avoiding STDs is by knowing the background of your sexual partners. Certainly, partners can and do lie, and in fact, might not even be aware that they are infected at the time you have sexual contact with them. To avoid STDs, ensure you engage in sexual intercourse with persons you know and trust, and also ensure that your partners are tested before sleeping with them. This automatically makes you aware of their status. But in case they decline, then do not engage in sexual contact with them. Treat sex seriously and be responsible of any action you take. Demand the same too from your partners.

Always use protection while having sex

Even in case where your partner is not infected, you should always ensure you use protection while having sex to avoid the STDs. Condoms are considered cheap, safe and easy to use. They are simply the easiest way to minimize the transmission of STDs. They prevent STDs most of the time. Using a latex condom regularly when having sex can equally help you to avoid STDs. Another thing to take into consideration while having sex is never to touch your partner’s condom and ensure you use a properly fitting condom with no breaks or tears in them. This helps to prevent STDs from catching you during sexual intercourse.

Get tested regularly

To stop STDs from being transmitted through to your partners and for your well being too, you should ensure you are tested regularly to see if you are infected or not. To prevent STDs, get tested before engaging in sexual intercourse with any new person, after ending your sexual relationship with that person, and anytime you are having sex with someone you are suspecting to be engaging in untrustworthy behaviours with other partners. While testing cannot prevent the STDs from infecting you once you already have them, being aware of your status can well prevent it from being transmitted to other persons by you. In case you contact a sexually transmitted disease, inform any partners you may have had a sexual relationship in the past with. This helps to stop the spread of these deadly infections.

Refraining from sharing any sharp needles

Make sure that you have your own needles which you use for common purposes such as piercing your ears, getting tattoos etc. Make sure that you use clean needles to avoid the possibilities of contacting any STDs. Take note, sharing needles even once is enough for you to contact an STD, this being the case make sure that you try as much as possible never to share needles with anybody.

Your health is your responsibility; therefore ensure every step you take concerning your body is safe. Also to help you are the several health centres with qualified health practitioners. For UK citizens living in Europe, having an EHIC card always helps.