Hiking in Trysil in the Summer: Where to Go

The resort town of Trysil is a few hours north of Oslo in Norway and offers plenty for skiers and snowboarders to do in the winter – there are 66 slopes and more than 30 ski-lifts. Winter activities include snow waves, tobogganing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and snowboarding. But Trysil is also popular in the summer time – the resort doesn’t shut down when the temperatures rise; far from it. One of the biggest attractions of summer in Trysil is the hiking. Trysil boasts an extensive selection of well-marked trails and paths, from short walks to long hikes, mountains to forest. Read on for more information about where to walk and what to see.

Top 10 Trysil

The visitor programme entitled Top 10 Trysil is a hiking programme listing 10 routes to mountain peaks within the region. Some routes are very short while others require a longer time commitment. One highlight is the route that takes you to the Trysilfjellet Mountain, over 1,000m above sea level. The views from here are fantastic as you can see the river meandering through the village of Trysil and into the forest. This hike is 3.6km in length.

Other highlights include the peak hike to Grimsåsen which is 6.4km long and reaches a height of 625m above sea level. Hike 5.2km to N. Kanken for fresh air and mountain views. Skurufjellet is a relatively hard summit hike that stretches 6.4km to reach a high point of 1,044m above sea level. For a short hike, take the Trysilrypa track which stretches 6km through the mountains in Fageråsen. You can extend this route to a 13km hike.

Wildlife Safaris

Do you want to get out in the open air but find hiking a little boring? Why not combine a walk with some wildlife-spotting. Trysil wildlife safaris are ideal for families and nature lovers. You go with a guide to look at the habitats of various animals like elk or beavers, and hopefully spot the animals in question. The guides are experienced in “tracking” the animals and know exactly where to go to maximize your wildlife-watching chances.

When to Go and Where to Stay

The best time of the year to visit Trysil for a hiking holiday is between July and September. If you come in June or October you will also usually experience some nice weather and pleasant walking conditions. Where to stay? Consider staying in a cabin or chalet in Trysil – a hytte trysil accommodation option puts you right in the middle of nature and also gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, and to cook your own meals. Book cabins close to the river for the best views and good quality accommodation. Alternatively, stay in one of the resort hotels where you will find all the amenities you need for a relaxing stay including spas, restaurants, and children’s activities.

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