A Heineken Dropped Introduction to the Culture of Alaska

Alaska has a culture dating back thousands of years. Only recently have people from the outside begun to discover and bring it back to life again. In the spirit of discovery, the Heineken Dropped campaign has been sending people just like you to the ends of the earth. Countries like Cambodia and the Philippines have served as locations for challenges and adventures of a lifetime.

Blending the Old and the New

Alaskans haven’t had their own unique state until the union with the United States. Whilst it had a place as part of the grand Russian Empire of the Tsars, it was a relatively autonomous zone with very little infrastructure of note. It didn’t stop the culture of this state from continuing on as it always has.

The challenges faced by the local tribes have inspired many generations of Alaskans. The stories of hardship in this inspiring climate are what tourists come to Alaska to find out about.

The Diversity of this Nation

Alaskan culture isn’t uniform. There’s no straight culture as such. It’s a combination of different cultures with their own customs and practices. These have all come together to form the melting pot of modern Alaska.

The original humans who inhabited these snowy plains for years dominate the cultural scene. Painted totem poles, canoes, and utensils are regular features of museums dedicated to Alaskan history.

European settlers and explorers from today have brought their customs to this land. It’s an accepting state and it doesn’t suppress or ignore what foreigners can bring. It’s one of the few parts of the world where people are free to worship and act as they please.

Traditions, Economy, and Religion

It’s wrong to assume this is place which hasn’t moved with the times. Cities like Fairbanks and Anchorage are just like the cities you’d find in other areas of the US, with less snow. The traditions of Alaska are covered up by conventional modern life.

The economy has always played a big part in how this state has evolved. Today, Alaskan exports include gold, timber, fur, and fish. There have even been oil wells to bring even more wealth to the area. It’s influenced the culture because of the large numbers of people migrating here for work.

Religion has always played a big part. The Russian Orthodox Church created a lasting influence in architecture and religious practice. The Roman Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Church have the largest followings here. And more than half of Alaskans don’t have a specific religion.

Many of the traditions centre on the need to eat. The questions posed by attempting to survive here have had big influences. Traditional Alaskan cooking with wild game and fresh catches of king crab are always welcomed by the locals.

Get Involved

You can get involved with any of the cultural pursuits of Alaska. Camaraderie and the willingness to listen to others have formed a very friendly state with a warm welcome available for anyone going on a Heineken Dropped adventure in this part of the world.

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